With the graduating class from the Balettakademien's professional dancer programme. A performance developed together with choreographers. Welcome to meet the next generation of dancers!



60 minutes

24 May


25 May


Works developed together with choreographers Anton Lachky, Jennifer Archibald, Gabriella Engdahl, Subjazz, Hlin Hjalmarsdottir. The evening is curated by Charlotta Öfverholm.

Suck it - often used to rub something in someone's face, for instance, something they didn't think you could do. Once it is accomplished, you could use this term as an expression to say "even though you thought I couldn't, look I just did it anyway.". 

Everyone has felt that feeling of accomplishing something against all odds. During these three years, everyone has had setbacks, both alone and together, and sometimes you have probably doubted yourself, your place (in school, in life). Suck it is a way to put an end to all the doubts you have had about yourself, and from others.

When the Ballet Academy was founded in 1957 by Lia Schubert, it was the first professional dance school that included not only classical ballet but also modern and jazz dance. The school was founded based on several needs: there was a need for an education for students who started their main dance training late, and there was a great need for a comprehensive dance education with different forms of dance. The Ballet Academy's Professional Dance Education is a versatile, qualified and internationally characterised education that provides students with the dance technical and artistic skills required in the musical and entertainment industry or in dance as an independent art form.

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Opening - Charlotta Öfverholm


"HigherGround - Jennifer Archibald

Rehearsal assistant: Charlotta Öfverholm

In Archibald's process, "powerful", "in your face" and "strong" were key words. A contemporary jazz number where different constellations are used to form a powerful whole between 8 different dancers.
Participants: Saga Jansson, Felicia Lindberg, Alva Norgren, Joakim Pham, Paulina Rosenkvist, Marthe Sverd Dragsund, Sara Wänström, Alice Öhman.


"HOWLITE" - Hlin Hjálmarsdóttir

Rehearsal assistant: Eytan Sivak

"HOWLITE" is a contemporary work consisting of both set material and improvisation. Hlin has, together with the dancers, created a peculiar world of bizarre nature to which we are invited.
Participants: Marvin Kouassi, Johanne Lyshagen Stette, Alfred Molander, Anna Sjöberg, Dina Skjelstad Hippe, Isa Wig.


"The Grand Guppy" - Gabriella Engdahl

Rehearsal assistant: Jeanette Bolding

In "The Grand Guppy" Engdahl explores celebrity. A theatrical contemporary work developed in collaboration with the dancers based on characters, emotions, improvisation and set material. Participants: Thea Back, Janelle Holland, Marvin Kouassi, Rubi Felina Myhre, Nora Sofie Smedbakken Hov, Anna Sjöberg, Dina Skjelstad Hippe, Isa Wig.


"Fame Royale" - Subjazz / Karl-Erik Nedregaard & Knut Arlid Flatner

Rehearsal assistant: Adrienne Åbjörn

"Fame Royale" is an extract from the work "Royale With Cheese", adapted and edited by Karl-Erik Nedregaard. The piece is the choreographic duo's tribute to all their inspirations in jazz dance in their almost 30
years of career.
Participants: Alexander Bergström, Saga Jansson, Smilla Larsson Lindh, Dalila Lima Freire, Felicia Lindberg, Johanne Lyshagen Stette, Alfred Molander, Alva Norgren, Joakim Pham, Paulina Rosenkvist, Marthe Sverd Dragsund, Josefin Westerberg, Sara Wänström, Alice Öhman.


"Puzzle Work Gala - Anton Lachky

Rehearsal assistant: Tina Peschel

"Puzzle Work" is a practice based on coordination and speed that Lachky has developed and worked with for over 20 years. Whilst retaining the playfulness of the dance, the intense work challenges the physical and mental abilities.
Participants: Thea Back, Alexander Bergström, Janelle Holland, Saga Jansson, Marvin Kouassi, Smilla Larsson Lindh, Felicia Lindberg, Johanne Lyshagen Stette, Alfred Molander, Rubi Felina Myhre, Alva Norgren, Joakim Pham,Paulina Rosenkvist, Nora Sofie Smedbakken Hov, Anna Sjöberg, Dina Skjelstad Hippe, Marthe Sverd Dragsund, Josefin Westerberg, Isa Wig, Sara Wänström, Alice Öhman.

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