Late Night gets a nice visit from Björn Säfsten who at 21:00 shows his latest work Prologue on Lilla Scen. When dancer Sophie Augot has performed her solo, we move on to the Small Foyer where there will be a tea party and the organisation FLIM will be visiting with the artist Pechblende at 22:00. Perfect for mingling and reflection!


5 Oct


6 Oct


björn säfsten - prologue

"What do we carry with us - and what can we throw away?"
This is what Anja Arnquist, Sophie Augot and Björn Säfsten asked themselves when they created the dance work Introduction 2012. Now, five years later, the trio is back with the follow-up. Prologue.

A searching individual in search of a language to hold on to. Everything is just a game. She embraces the opportunities that come her way, and allows the situations to mould her into a new self. She leads herself towards something new, something beyond the clichés and influences of the outside world.

I Prologue Björn Säfsten and Sophie Augot explore the violence of language. The body and mind, and their interaction, are laid bare. It is a game, with both the structure of language and the semantics of the body. A role play where construction and meaning are thrown apart and together.


"The sonics of pitchblende descend from a surface of melancholic harmony to more sinister depths. Acoustic sounds resonate and grind against each other and slow synth modulations imply the secrets lurking inside of the steel-black rock the project takes its name from."


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