At the centre of the stage floats a six square metre platform cleverly assembled to create and expose the performers to imbalance. Six acrobats inhabit the floating platform world that is subject to constant testing. Their world rocks and sways and they struggle to regain balance in an existence that constantly threatens to collapse under their feet. They fall, get up, lose their balance, trip and get up again. The constant struggle for balance is a great metaphor for life and the human struggle for survival and adaptation.

French Yoann Bourgeois Company is an acclaimed contemporary circus company known for being at the forefront of the development of the circus genre. The strength and beauty of Yoann Bourgeuoi's performances lies in how elegantly he sews opposites together. I The one who falls he allows six performers from different circus disciplines to explore and juggle balance. We're used to seeing performers juggling objects - in Yoann Bourgeois' style, it's the acrobats who are juggled by external forces and circumstances. All to the tune of Dido and Aeneas, Sinatra and Callas.

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