Signal is a performance that invites, broadcasts and signals. A work of art with movement, sound, light and image, where dancers and audience are in the same experience space - together. Welcome to a poetic, surprising and idiosyncratic performance where you can see sound and light move. Here you can sit, stand and walk. And hold someone's hand if you want!

It becomes a game of state and perception. Being in front and behind, in the middle and on the periphery, communicating and signalling at different distances. Signalling also means communicating something that carries a meaning; feelings, impressions, distance.

Choreographer Claire Parsons and her company create innovative, high-quality performing arts with a focus on children and young people. The works are acclaimed for their visuals, exquisite dancers and precisely balanced interaction with the audience. With playful elegance, humour and warmth, audiences of all ages are invited to discover new and exciting worlds with the performers.

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