8 May


9 May


Former Bounce member Ambra Succi has created her first original performance. Together with her company Crazy Artist Movement, she offers a work that is as personal as it is large-scale.

The colourful Striving to Achieve is an intimate story directed by Ambra, based on her stubbornness and endless hope, about her striving to succeed and all of life's challenges along the way. It is about the people and situations that have coloured her, the memories and moments that have left their mark, and the fact that she will never, ever, ever give up.

Crazy Artist Movement is a newly started creative dance company. It includes some of Sweden's most awesome dancers in everything from street to ballet as well as musicians and DJs.

Ambra Succi has choreographed and danced with most of Sweden's artistic elite. Among other things, she is the woman behind Loreen's hyped Euphoria dance. Now she puts you in euphoria.

Mini documentary on Ambra


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