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Throughout history, there has been a communication between the person exposing their body and the person looking at it. The audience's gaze has been seduced, triggered, directed and manipulated by choreographers. Who really controls who? Transformation and playing with identities are in focus when the Cullberg Ballet presents Highlights - two new works by two exciting choreographers. It will be an evening that challenges our view of the body, sexuality and identity! 

Trajal Harrel: The Return of The Modern Dance
American Trajal Harrell, who often works at the intersection of contemporary dance and the fundamentals of vogue, tours the world and several of his works have been recognised as best dance works by Time Out New York and others. The Return of The Modern Dance, which draws on the influence of early modern dance, he has created for six of the Cullberg Ballet's dancers.

Trailer for The Return of The Modern Dance

Eszter Salamon: Reproduction
Brussels-based Eszter Salamon makes a new version of his popular and critically acclaimed Reproduction from 2004 and allows the women of the company to undress, in and on different gender identities.

Trailer for Reproduction

Press on Salamon's version of Reproduction from 2004:

"[...] the choreographer whispers in the ear of those who want to listen that one is free to choose, to play with one's gender identity [...] Everything is possible if one dares. And Eszter Salamon dares."/ Rosita Boisseau, Le Monde 11 August 2004

"Reproduction gives a simple and clear answer: the division between the sexes is pure fiction, and everyone can therefore make up their own story" / Alexandra Baudelot in the German Mouvement 15 April 2004.

Press on Trajal Harrell's Paris is Burning at the Judson Church (S)

"He [...] remind[s] us that the most startling power of performance often lives in its exquisite vulnerability" / NY Times, 2 October 2009.

About (M)imosa

"The view of physical norms is reassessed in a relevant and culturally educational performance. "/ Kulturbloggen 11 March 2012


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