eng: Dirge, /dɜːrdʒ/ (noun) - mourning song


60 minutes

Dirgy Dancing is a collection of mourning dances, by and with dancers from different places around the country. Dances dedicated to people, memories, events and happenings, as a way of approaching and sensing the unspeakable in what has been lost.

Lisen Ellard and director Mattias Lech have been working together for several years on the theme of death and its rituals, resulting in the shows Funeral and DEATH. With the dance anthology Dirgy Dancingpresented both on film and live, Lisen Ellard continues to explore loss, and the relationship between grief, memory and movement.

Afternoon snack

The performance on 4 February will be followed by a conversation between choreographer Björn Säfsten, Efva Lilja and Maia Means. You are welcome to stay!