War, migration and revolution through the Syrian body.


6 March


7 March


How does a body react when it is forced or prevented to move?

Choreographers Mithkal Alzghair was born and raised in Syria, but now lives in France. His work Displacement is a shocking performance about the body's reactions to war, flight and life in exile.

Mithkal Alzghair explores her Syrian origin and the identity of her body in relation to the political, social and religious conditions of contemporary Syria. With small shifts in movement, our interpretation of the scene changes in a flash.

Displacement is also an exploration of the conflicting emotions around roots and exile. About being forced to flee and realising that you may never be able to return.

Interview with Mithkal Alzghair in the Evening Standard

Programme 6-7 March

In connection with the performance, Dansens Hus has an extensive programme of exhibitions, lectures and discussions on the themes of the performance. Among other things, Stefan Borg, foreign affairs commentator on TV4, will talk about the situation in Syria today.


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