In a double bill, a hyper-energetic solo performance delivers a secret self-defence and an exploration of the journey into the 60-second street dance battle.



50 minutes

26 Apr


27 Apr


Note!  Loraine Dambermont's Toujours de 3⁄4 face! is 20 minutes and Kaide Gonzalez's 60 seconds is 30 minutes.

 Loraine Dambermont's Toujours de 3⁄4 face! and Kaide Gonzalez with 60 seconds - all in one evening.

According to some karate practitioners, the '3/4 face' is the ultimate defensive position in karate - such a precise stance that - inevitably - reveals a desire for perfectionism and a deep longing for control. Dancer and choreographer Loraine Dambermont makes this principle her own, and in Still 3⁄4 face! she delivers a hyper-energetic solo performance in which Dambermont reveals her best secret self-defence techniques. With physical and mental prowess, Dambermont challenges the limits of the body in a marathon of hyper-fast movements with extreme precision.

As a competitor in street dance battles, you have 60 seconds to demonstrate your skills. With a solo, Kaide Gonzalez wants to explore what drives us to keep training and refining our skills - for just one minute of dancing? What challenges do we face mentally and physically when motivation is constantly bouncing between high highs and low lows.

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About Kaide Gonzalez

Kaide Gonzalez is a Swedish/Chilean dancer specialising in house and hip hop dance, and is part of the dance collective M A J E K O. He studied at Åsa Folkhögskola in Sköldinge and took courses in Five Style (2009-10), One Style - Hiphop (2014-15) and One Style - House (2016-18). In 2018 he moved to Amsterdam (Netherlands) to study a dance pedagogy programme at the Academy of Theatre and Dance, graduating in 2022.

Mr Gonzalez is not only interested in teaching, but also often participates in battles both in Sweden and internationally. In 2023 he took part in performances in France (Black Sheep/CCNRB company) and in the Netherlands (by Alesya Dobysh).

Gonzalez is currently developing his own movement practice that forms the basis of his dance, which he calls 'Leviathan Flow'.

Photo: Alessio Reedijk

About Loraine Dambermont

Loraine Dambermont is a Belgian artist, dancer and choreographer born in Liège (1988) and based in Brussels. She graduated from Codarts and The Theaterschool - Academy of Dance and Arts in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. By mixing several dance techniques, from hip hop to contemporary dance, focusing mainly on popping and working on the floor, she works towards creating an explosive energy. In 2013, she won a choreographic prize with the duet "Buy My City" - a work in collaboration with Noora Hannula. "Toujours de 3/4 profil!" was selected for Aerowaves Spring Forward 2023. was selected for Aerowaves Spring Forward 2023. As a dancer, she has worked with The Nordic Beasts / Noora Hannula (Dk), Mute Comp. Physical theatre (Dk), Michèle Anne De Mey (Be), Itamar Serussi (IL), Beppie Blankert (Nl), Etienne Rochefort (Fr), Zahrbat / Brahim Bouchelaghem (Fr), The Royal Opera of Wallonia, The National Opera of the Netherlands and recently with Leslie Mannes (Be) in the project FORCES by Mannès | Turine | Lemaître.

Choreographer, composer and dancer: Loraine Dambermont
Sound mixing and counselling:  Victor Petit
Lighting design: Rémy Urbain
Technical Manager: Gaspar Schelck
Stage manager, alternating: Adèle Evans / Chamsedine Madec / Gaspar Schelck
Outer eye: Monica Gomes
Production: Lodbmt
Partner: The Balsamine Theatre
Supported by: Iles/Suitcase Bruxelles, Le Théâtre Marni - Bruxelles, Garage29 - Bruxelles, Studio 28 - Roubaix, L'Armande - Liège, Le Centre Culturel Bruegel - Perpetuum MOBILE Festival - Bruxelles, La Roseraie - Bruxelles, Theater aan de Rijn - Dance Flavours, Arnhem and Wallonie-Bruxelles International
Tour manager: BLOOM Project

Loraine Dambermont is presented in the framework of Aerowaves, co-funded by the European Union.


2023 11 20 Aw Main 2023 11 20 En Co Funded By The Eu Pantone
Double Bill: Loraine Dambermont / Kaide Gonzalez | Still 3⁄4 face! / 60 seconds

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