Två dagar av kunskaps- och inspirationsutbyte.

Two days of exchange of knowledge and inspiration on issues related to dance art and the different forms, conditions and functionalities of our bodies, focusing on inclusion and exclusion.
During the conference, we highlight strategies and perspectives that creatively challenge prevailing standards in dance in Sweden, the Nordic region and internationally.
Through lectures, talks and performances, we make visible hierarchies and norms that exist on and off the stage. We highlight proven practices to create a more inclusive performing arts and environment.

The conference is part of the Diverse Nordic Voice – Choreographic Initiative, a 2-year mentoring program to support artistic development of a variety of choreographic expressions in the Nordic countries. We want to shake, change perspectives, make visible, challenge and explore the prevailing norms that characterize dance in Sweden and internationally.

During the conference, the performances ”Dare to Wreck” by Skåne’s Dance Theater (SWE) are presented.

Talks and lectures are held with artists and experts such as Perel (USA), Suzie Davies (NOR), Emilia Wärff (SWE), Live Art Collective MELO (SWE), (SWE) , Luke Pell (GBR), Maria Kittilsen (NOR), Ursula Kaufmann (DEU), Annika Notér Hooshidar (SWE) and Stine Nilsen (NOR).

The conference is organized as part of the Diverse Nordic Voices – Choreographic Initiative with support from the Nordic Culture Fund and Nordic Culture Contact.