8 May


9 May


In a short time, Fatta has established itself as one of the most important voices in the consent debate. Starting with four people, they have grown into a popular movement where tens of thousands of people are raising their voices against sexual violence and rape culture. They now create dance art that aims to bring the consent debate into the dance world.

Fatta has collected the dance world's anonymous stories about sexual grey areas and non-consensual situations. Based on these, they create the performance Fatta Dans, which aims to both question and change the norms that prevail in dance and society. With contemporary dance and new style hip hop, they create a political, engaging and moving performance about one of the most burning issues today.

Fatta was founded in 2013 by Ida Östensson and rappers Nathalie "Cleo" Missaoui, Vanessa Marko and Isabel "Syster Sol" Sandblom. Since then, they have organised campaigns, demonstrations and managed to put consent on the political agenda.

Due to the theme of the work, the performance is labelled with a trigger warning.


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