Like all comedies, DANTE starts very badly but ends well. We encounter three lost souls in this indecisive comedy of perpetual misadventures and unreliable guides.


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Some people wish the Middle Ages would never end. In her latest production DANTE Gunilla Heilborn takes an unsuccessful trip to Florence as her starting point, where, on her quest to find Dante, she gets lost, not in a dark forest, but amid all the tourists – who, just like her, shuffle along the winding streets of Florence in pursuit of a bygone time. Heilborn takes on the tides of history where everything seeps through and might get lost. Which path should you take again, at that crossroads…  

Past and present meet in a highly speculative reading of Dante's eternal questions in a brand new work for three lost souls. Wandering in a constant fog of uncertainty, they find no answers but numerous questions, alternating typical Heilborn humor with seriousness.  

DANTE is a piece about indecision and perpetual misadventures. A string of songs, text fragments, sparse dance, and unreliable guides. Like all comedies, DANTE starts very badly but ends well.

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About Gunilla Heilborn

Gunilla Heilborn (1964) is a choreographer and film maker based in Stockholm. She is obsessed with research and spends most of his time reading; about memory techniques, medieval cities or ancient oracles. She is interested in history and how it speaks to us, but also in the individual versus the collective, grand ideas that fail and the humour that arises from imperfection and failure. Doubt and uncertainty are given a place in her work, alongside confidence in the universality of one's own interests in the form of a theatre. By combining text, movement, video and image, Heilborn creates a fascinating and captivating expression - always spiced with humour - that both entertains and challenges her audience. 

Heilborn has achieved great success in both the performing arts and film. Her artistic career began with studies in radio and film, and choreography at DOCH in Stockholm. and for Anna Halprin at the San Francisco Dancers workshop. Examples of some of Heilborn's most prominent productions are the critically acclaimed performing arts productions Potato country (2007), This is Not a Love Story (2011), and The Wonderful and The Ordinary (2017), as well as the (award-winning) films How to do (2007), created together with Mårten Nilsson and Kim Hiorthøy, and This is Alaska (2009) with Mårten Nilsson.

Photo: Märta Thisner.

Gunilla Heilborn | DANTE
Gunilla Heilborn | DANTE
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7/3 First hangout

Hang out after the show Dante.

8/3 Debriefing

Meet choreographer Gunilla Heilborn in conversation with Jenny Maria Nilsson, author and journalist.