Humour, phenomenal timing and memories of Pina Bausch.


6 Apr


7 Apr


"Do you want me to dance, or talk?"
In "Jessica and me" do Cristiana Morganti both, with a liberating self-distance.
For 20 years, Cristiana was a soloist with Pina Bausch's legendary company Tanztheater Wuppertal. When she left the company in 2014, she was asked to give a lecture about her time as a dancer with Pina. There, the seed of the irresistibly charming performance "Jessica and me" was born - a self-portrait disguised as a dialogue between herself and her fictional alter ego Jessica.

In a shiny white tulle dress and dangerous red stiletto heels, Cristiana invites us into her fascinating universe.
To Iggy Pop's song Lust for life she explodes like a whirlwind and then collapses in a heap of muscle pain. Two sides of a dancer's life - the physical joy and the price the body pays.
With hilarious humour, irreverence and phenomenal timing, she describes her career. About the first steps in ballet class. The endless hours in the rehearsal hall. The plight of a soloist in the world's most famous company. Memories, visions for the future, and finally standing on her own two feet.

A tribute to dance as an art form and the passing of time.

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