JUCK is a movement, JUCK is activism, JUCK is power, JUCK is not oops I did it again, JUCK is dance. JUCK is.

Dressed in neat school uniforms, five dancers hump with a steely gaze. JUCK shows Tarika Wahlberg, Feyona Naluzzi, Shirley Harthey Ubilla, Cajsa Godée and Emelie Enlund how to take up space. It's about the freedom to express yourself, about sexuality, having fun, and broadening the perspective on femininity and gender.

Behind the clean school uniforms there is still room for sexuality, aggression, tenderness and creativity. Through dance, light and sound, stories are told about what femininity is and what it can be. The main stage is transformed into a black box in this captivating performance where the audience plays a major role.

Founded in 2011, the JUCK collective has performed in various forms. They have made acclaimed performances all over Sweden and in 2013 they created the film JUCK which has been shown at festivals all over the world. Now JUCK is shown for the first time as a full-length performance!