The Royal Swedish Ballet School's graduating students present their final production at Elverket.



70 minutes

31 May


1 Jun


The evening is collectively known as Open CurveAn open curve does not enclose any area within itself and has two endpoints. An open curve is a curve where the beginning and end points are different. This year, students will show works by four choreographers: Alexandra Campbell with DaTha III, Thiago Granato with Wide Long Road, Helena Franzén with Deep Dive and Jarek Cemerek with Fana.


Alexandra Campbell with DaTha III. Photographer: Daniel Sapiains Ogalde


Choreography: Alexandra Campbell
Rehearsal director: Stina Nyström
Lights: Anette Elfström Tarstad & Peter Lundin
Costume design: Anna-Sara Dåvik & Lisa Holmqvist
Music: Aphex Twin
Dancers: Savannah Egidéus, Amaya Hannula, Viola Jednell, Anastasia Leppist, Leon Lindbäck, Nathalie Nordström, Etta Wallensteen, Miró Wigander Rezler

Each of us is an autonomous individual seeking our own objectives, yet we are also members of groups - groups that constrain us, guide us, and sustain us. Just as each of us influences the group and the people in it, so, too, do groups change each one of us.

DaTha III is a remake of the original version from 2009.

Thiago Granato with Wide Long Road. Photographer: Daniel Sapiains Ogalde

Wide long road

Choreography: Thiago Granato in collaboration with the dancers
Assistant choreographer: Sandro Amaral

Assistant: Cecilia Olsen & Lisa Drake
Light concept: Mr Thiago Granato
Lights: Anette Elfström Tarstad
Costume concept: Sandro Amaral
Costume and props: Anna-Sara Dåvik
Music: Destinations - Gesaffelstein; Audio extract from Fiorucci Made me Hardcore - Mark Leckey; Tom's Diner Ghost Convolved (moDernisT/Ambient) - Ryan Maguire
Sound Edition: Mr Mats Sundin
Dancers: Ada Holt, Alayna Banks, Alva Olsson, Amanda Austin, Assa Davidsdottir, Coppelia Feline Alvefoss, Dalina Bagheri, David Tengblad, Hertta Mulari, Jack Ullman, Lydia Schön, Mateo Cordova Pomo, Maxx Bran Pizarro, Nora Torsson Brandt, Saga Otterskog, Susanna Carreno, Tilde Tiensuu, Wenla Kurvinen & Wilma Frid Andersson

"Wide Long Road is a dance piece tracing a choreographic pathway born in the meeting between Brazilian choreographer Thiago Granato and the second-year contemporary students at The Royal Swedish Ballet School. Over 5 weeks of consistent work, layers of the body were exposed through practicing distinct qualities of attention. This collective journey allowed new bodies to unfold; feelings direct thought while curiosity slips into movement."

Jarek Cemerek with Fana. Photographer: Tilo Stengel.

Choreography: Jarek Cemerek
Rehearsal director: Cecilia Olsen
Light: Anette Elfström Tarstad
Music: Roger Goula, apparatus, Ben Lukas Boysen
Costume: Anna-Sara Dåvik
Dancer: Astrid Avén, Carisma Canares, Otis Gilchrist- Rikken, Eileen Jönsson, Lucas Karlsson
Covers: Waltteri Voitila, Molly Dahl, Elin Hummer

"A better world is something to be fought for. Ceaselessly. With flag in hand. It cannot be done without courage. And without support."


Helena Franzén with Deep Dive

Deep Dive
Choreography: Helena Franzén
Rehearsal director: Lisa Drake
Light: Anette Elfström Tarstad
Music: Hinterheim
Costume: Anna-Sara Dåvik
Dancer: Nelli Arposuo, Isak Mård, Ingmar Tedborn

About searching for deep waters, about following your instincts and really listening- inwardly and outwardly.

"Every human being is a half-open door that leads to a room for everyone

The endless ground below us

The water shines between the trees

The lake is a window to the earth"


"Every man a half-open door leading to a room for everyone.
The endless ground beneath us.
The water shines between the trees.
The lake is a window to the earth".

Tomas Tranströmer


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