Close your eyes and imagine a world without categories. Where a rock can be a person, a fabric or a machine. A collection of particles of stellar matter that happen to take on one object or another. A world full of activities, but with no labels to put on things.

In the middle of this vacuum machine: two black-clad and faceless girl power ninjas, playing with everything and different stereotypes. What if we turn ourselves into catwalk stars in the characters of the Smurf, the Machine and the Tower? Can we be absorbed by a mountain? An evening that gives you the opportunity to challenge what your eyes and brain perceive. A place. A context. A performance journey in the universe, to music by Kylie Minogue, Silvana Imam and others.

With the project Undercover Choreography dancers Carima Neusser and Sanna Söderholm have created a performance that challenges our perceptions of the body, the world and the theatre space.

Sanna Söderholm and Carima Neusser are also involved. Choreographers on site in spring 2017.