Long-awaited reinterpretation

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In the hands of choreographer Fredrik Benke Rydman the dance classic is transformed. The Nutcracker into a modern street tale.

- What attracts me is the great music. The story is lousy, so for it to be something, it has to be developed. You can't turn a blind eye to the situation in Europe today, so I've chosen to make The Nutcracker about children missing their parents, but in an imaginative, scary, fun and crazy way. A modern fairy tale!" says Fredrik Benke Rydman.

Little girl Clara has been left alone to live in a rubbish dump while her parents beg on the streets of a rich foreign country. In Fredrik Rydman's version of the 19th century classic The Nutcracker Clara meets dirty rats, yummy candy characters, a nutcracker with r'n'b in his headphones and an organ dealer looking for a young heart to sell to a sick woman. With hip-hop, breaking, ballet and visual effects to newly written music by, among others. Danny Saucedo and Anna Ternheim mixed with the most famous parties from Tchaikovsky's music takes the audience into an incredible fairy tale. Sometimes frighteningly similar to reality.

Fredrik Benke Rydman
Hundreds of millions of people were mesmerised by Fredrik Benke Rydman's interludes at Eurovision 2016. The success Swan Lake which premiered at Dansens Hus in 2011 and was seen by 250,000 people across Europe, Fredrik Benke Rydman has positioned himself as one of the country's most contemporary and popular choreographers. He laid the foundation in the legendary dance company Bounce, which for 13 years redrew the Swedish dance map. Bounce began a collaboration with Dansens Hus back in 1998.

The show is suitable for the whole family, from 5 years old.