Ian Kaler and hyped electro star Planningtorock.


21 Feb


22 Feb


Choreographers Ian Kaler creates for the first time a work for the Cullberg Ballet. ON THE CUSP is a mix of video works and a collection of portraits of the individual dancers. The dancers in The Cullberg Ballet have their own history and the company holds them together. Who are the people in the group and how do they build it? Who are they in private and how does that shape the stage characters?

Jam Rostron/Planningtorocks electronic brass music creates playful, deeply moving, courageous and dramatic dance works.

With 14 dancers in the Cullberg Ballet.

World premiere 10 January 2019 Tanzquartier, Vienna.
Swedish premiere 30 January at Norrlandsoperan, Umeå.

About the choreographer

Ian Kaler

Ian Kaler, originally from Austria, studied Transmedial Art at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and has a degree from the pilot programme in Contemporary Dance, Context and Choreography at the Center for Dance at the Berlin University of the Arts.

Since 2010, he has developed his physical and creative practice in a series of choreographic series with different artists and through different (visual) media. His collaborations include dancer and fashion designer Stephane Peeps Moun, Jam Rostron/Planningtorock and drummer Joy Leah Joseph. http://www.iankaler.org/

Planning torch

Planning torch - aka Jam Rostron - is a Bolton-born Berlin-based singer-songwriter, composer, producer and director with three critically acclaimed studio albums of left-field dance to their name - not to mention various collaborations, operas, film scores and remixes. A self-taught, non-binary, working-class musician, they've spent a decade plus queering sound and vision as Planningtorock.

Planningtorock debuted in the Noughties with 2006's Have It All [Chicks On speed], finding artistic community among fellow DIY outliers and gender outlaws such as Peaches and The Knife. Their sound - tense, spellbinding dance music with classical flourishes, unexpected brass and pitched-down vocals that have become Planningotorock's signature - have earned them a dedicated following.


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