Reverse reality in an evening where surrealist street meets visual magic.



75 minutes

1 Feb


2 Feb


Step into a surreal world where logic no longer applies. In the corner of your eye, objects come to life. Puppets and masked dancers move through nocturnal corridors of light. Form becomes formlessness and creation becomes destruction. Is the scene haunted by old memories, or is everything just an illusion?

With images and movements that are fluid and violent, Out Innerspace Dance Theatre explores whether we fall prey to decay and passivity - or whether we can step out of the past and find beauty in overcoming it.

Out Innerspace Dance Theatre is based in Vancouver and was founded in 2007 by David Raymond and Tiffany Tregarthen. Out Innerspace Dance Theatre has been touring both in Canada and internationally for over nine years, and has received numerous Canadian dance awards. Raymond and Tregarthen describe their work as innovative but accessible with a focus on the experience of being human.

Photo: Alistair Maitland
Trailer | Out Innerspace Dance Theatre | Bygones

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Fluid, expressive solos provide satisfying pure dance throughout.

-The Globe and Mail

A light dance about the darkness that never really lets go of us.