At stake by Malin Elgán revolves around the abstractness of classical ballet and its relationship to fiction. The performance is based on the preface to the choreographer and dancer Vaslav Nijinsky's diary where Nijinsky is said to have been seduced - by two now unknown dancers named Kostrovsky and Zverev - to discuss Tolstoy's literature and "world improvement".

Choreographer Malin Elgán works with a wide range of media and subjects, from radio and film to orchestral movements. She does not limit dance to certain movements and places, but takes it out of its usual context. She has previously performed at the legendary Judson Church in New York and Dansens Hus. In 2013 she was awarded the Birgit Cullberg Scholarship.

Link to Malin Elgán's previous work Prata lite, so kollar vi