Eleanor Bauer challenges the post-conversation where artists talk about their work and artistry.

After several years of touring with BAUER HOUR, where Bauer challenges the boundaries of talk shows, she now continues the conversation as an artistic experience in PROTO TALKS.

Instead, Eleanor wants to dive into the unknown and directs the conversation towards unanswered questions and thoughts that are not yet tangible to the artist, thoughts and ideas that usually appear in notebooks and dreams. PROTO TALK is a speculative forum, where artists and audiences think together, raise questions and images from the performance and together create a creative process to navigate.

PROTO TALKS on 9 February: Eleanor Bauer and Jan Martens, main stage.
PROTO TALKS on 28 February: Eleanor Bauer and Margret Sara Guðjónsdóttir, Small Stage.
The programme is held in conjunction with the show The dog days are over and Hyper.