From successful dancer to beloved drag queen!



60 minutes

2 March


2 March


Mimi Devine is former Carte Blanche dancer Shlomi Raimi's alter ego as an entertainer and drag queen.

All about Mimi is his first fully-fledged performance. It dissects body ideals, sensuality and social media.

Accompanied by four dancers from the Norwegian ballroom scene, Mimi takes the stage with attitude and confidence. Wearing daring dresses and sky-high heels, she balances her everyday life as a mother of young children with the ballroom culture's exercise in believing in yourself. It's challenging, cheeky and surprising.

All About Mimi is touring with Dansnät Sweden spring 2024.

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About Mimi Devine

TikTok phenomenon Mimi Devine was born during pandemic quarantine and has over 80 000 followers. As a drag queen, she has enjoyed great success on social media and is now ready to take the stage. Behind the alter ego Mimi is Shlomi Ruimi Askildsen, who danced for a long time in the Norwegian Carte Blanche for choreographers such as Ohad Naharin, Sharon Eyal and Hofesh Shechter. He is now employed as a rehearsal director with the same company. 

Photo: Yaniv Cohen, Antero Hein.
All about Mimi

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It is as if they, through costume changes and different numbers with increasing intensity, are dancing towards a core of something necessary and serious that is about who you are, about listening and about listening together.


The audience can expect a good portion of glam, humour and self-irony, but the show does not shy away from trivialities and downright sad issues. The perspective is fresh and the presentation is a pure visual pleasure.