Welcome to the hair salon where your inner demons can be shared and celebrated! In an extravagant evening, the audience is involved in a cosmetic transformation where fantasies and dreams are interspersed with direct encounters.



60 minutes

16 May


17 May


18 May


ICosmetic Demons: A Choreographic Salonthe hairdressing salon is a place where gossip, emotions and personal processes are made visible. In front of the chairs - where the mirror used to be - there is now a dancer. Three hairdressers, three customers and three dancers play out a choreographic idea that becomes a salon.

With an immersive experience, you look into a social space and through dance transformative actions, the intimacy between hairdresser and client becomes central. Through curiosity, Sindri challenges the audience and with visual shifts creates a metaphorical space to be together.

The work will be developed during 2023 and premiere at Inkonst, Malmö in April 2024. Co-produced by Dansens Hus Stockholm, Norrlandsoperan and Inkonst, Malmö with support from the Swedish Arts Council, Nordic Culture Fund, Konstnärsnämnden. Production by Sindri Runudde and Nordberg Movement.

About Sindri

Sindri Runudde is a dancer and choreographer, trained in dance at Stockholm University of the Arts and also has an international training in contemporary circus.Sindri's work is characterised by a humorous and playful expression using body awareness and sensuous dance practices, mixed with personal stories, text and song. Through conceptualisation and playing with words, the artistic work is based on metaphorical and imaginative practices.

Sindri works from a queer perspective and an accessibility policy agenda. She is active both in Sweden and internationally, in institutions and as a freelance creator of her own works and as a dancer for other choreographers. 

For Stadsteatern Skärholmen and Unga Klara he has created his own group works "The fish dance & other cosmic confessions" and "Delighthouse & the dark room". As a freelance dancer she has worked for choreographers and companies such as Stina Nyberg, Lisen Ellard, Carl Olof Berg, Ben Wright, Jeremy Wade, Tove Sahllin, Martin Forsberg, Ebba Bohlin and with companies such as the Canadian Les 7 Doights, Skånes Dansteater and the British Candoco dance company. 

Solar panels "Blind Boi Diaries" by Juli Apponen and "A sensory reading", by Sindri, has been touring internationally in recent years. The past year has also featured community activities within the EU project "Dancing in you shoes" through Norrlandsoperan, and the work "Snaecka!" for 17 pensioners at Skånes Dansteater, and the children's performance "Society" who toured with Dansnät Sweden during the spring. 


Share the event:

First hangout 16/5

Opening night hangout after the show.

Post-conversation 17/5

Follow-up discussion with choreographer Sindri Runudde and an invited guest on the theme of "hair".