7 May


8 May


One night, two shows. There will be double the breaking when Pontus Linder & Olov Ylinenpää and Tommy "Bboy Invalido" Molitor take the stage.

In Skal, dancers Pontus Linder and Olov Ylinenpää question the macho norm in hip hop. You will see a playful, creative and curious reflection on the breaking culture and the male role in society.

Linder and Ylinenpää incorporate elements of contemporary dance in this performance inspired by the masks and shells we wear in different social situations.

Tommy "Bboy Invalido" Molitor's show Trippy Life is an autobiographical story that takes you on a journey back in time. With the motto "No excuses, no limits", he has overcome doctors and his own doubts to create a personal show about challenges, drive and overcoming the odds. The breaking is joined by new circus in Trippy Life, Bboy Invalido's stage debut.


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