Two big stars in one night.

Two extraordinary choreographers take centre stage as the Gothenburg Opera sends more than 20 of its dancers across Sweden for an evening of melancholy.

Love, loss and acceptance are at the centre of the Canadian choreographer's work. Crystal Pites beautiful "Solo echo". The choreography is based on a poem by the poet Mark Strand: "Some lines for the winter", and two sonatas for cello and piano by the melancholic composer Johannes Brahms. The dancers' refined movements capture the transience and loss of life. Softly falling snowflakes evoke the sadness of winter. 'Solo echo' was created in 2012 for Nederlands Dans Theater.

Extravagant and minimalist. Reckless and universal. "Autodance" is hypnotic dance with a strong attitude. For the past ten years, the Israeli choreographer Sharon Eyal created a steady stream of critically acclaimed works for prominent dance companies. The acclaimed 'Autodance' was her second work for GöteborgsOperan Danskompani. True to form, Eyal seamlessly integrates dance, pulsating techno and technology. It is sometimes explosive, sometimes sensual.