25 Apr


Walking Dead, Resident Evil and Dawn of the Dead. We have seen the monsters countless times in various guises, but what do we do if a zombie attack happens today?

In Robin Jonsson's latest performance The Hollows 2 the soulless zombie is torn from its fictional world and lands in the middle of the audience. In an interactive performance, which can be described as a performative workshop for dummies, the audience is challenged to face their fears and hopes.

The Hollows 2 is a deadly and informative game where everyone is at risk of infection. In reconstructions of classic zombie film scenes and in repulsive conditions, the audience is surrounded by the infection that tangibly dehumanises the human person.

Robin Jonsson is a choreographer and sound artist trained at P.A.R.T.S. who has become known for his imaginative and exciting aesthetics. In previous works he has been inspired by computers, video games and artificial characters, this time he takes on the 100-year-old cult of zombies.

Do you dare?

The zombie is a little over 100 years old. It changes over time and so does people's perception of it. As society has changed, the zombie's role has been to carry and reflect people's fears. It moves as if at random, it is everywhere but you never really know where. What you also don't know is how you get infected. Here and now it carries perhaps the greatest fear of our time, that of infection and contagion.

Zombie workshop 22 April!

As an added bonus - prep properly a few days earlier. Come to a free workshop with the dancers on 22 April at 19.00. Welcome to pre-register at [email protected].


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