SU-EN is a leading figure in Swedish butohn and also the person who brought the art form to Sweden. In some of her earlier works, she has explored physical and poetic concepts such as cracks (Cracks, 2008), sweetness (Luscious, 2009), blushing (Blush, 2010) and soot (Soot, 2011). Now it is the turn of hunger.

Voracious starts from the body's strong physical relationship with the world through these instincts and drives. Something dies so that something can live. An eternal circle of life and death. Together with electroacoustic musician Lise-Lotte Norelius and video artist Rickard Sporrong, SU-EN creates a performance where the voice has a large place. Both in the choreography and in the music. Whether it is breathing, screaming or whining.