3 Apr



Klotet, Wallingatan 19


The workshop is open to everyone from 16 years old.

Combined price

A package for those who want to attend the workshop and also see the performance on 5 or 6 April.




Comfortable clothes, preferably barefoot.

Workshops for amateurs, dance lovers, dance enthusiasts, risk takers are centred around the pleasure and joy of moving one's body. The participants will cultivate a keener listening to, and trusting of, their own physical instincts alongside developing their confidence as movers.

The experience will hone in on one's relationship to the group (community) and space while moving.
The heart of the workshop lies in the exploration of daily movements to create choreographic material. Through different modalities of expression such as theatre, visual arts, writing and music one will engage in various games and improvisation exercises to create small impromptu dances.

Participants will have the opportunity to explore their personal unique movement voices/styles, not just as movers/dancers or choreographers/creators of movement, but as thinkers and critics, solution makers and leaders.

Read about the performance on 5-6 April


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