A production residency where Shirley Harthey Ubilla is working on a new solo work.


Shirley Harthey Ubilla has a new solo work. Yet Familiar. Her first solo, Abject of Desire (2018) was a dark performance where otherness and prospective was discussed through the abject and the monstrous In her next show, she continues to discuss race and lesbianism through the abject, but now wants to shift her gaze from the dark and monstrous to a romantic sci-fi world where her future self in the form of a cyborg lives in a utopia where everything she wants to be can be accommodated.

In this work, she continues her close collaboration with Hanna Kisch where they, together with the artistic team, want to explore the abject in terms of "vulnerable instead of threatening" and give the audience the tantalising feeling of seeing a figure that is "strange but yet familiar in a way".


Sample reduction

Dansens Hus


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