Danskvarteret - a unique dance centre at Norra Bantorget.

For several years, Danscentrum Stockholm and Dansens Hus have been working to establish Danskvarteret - a project initiated by Danscentrum Stockholm in 2017.

Last autumn, the unexpected and unique opportunity presented itself for Danskvarteret to rent premises in Folkets Hus, adjacent to the Dansens Hus foyer and public stages - which of course we immediately took advantage of.

We are now working intensively to ensure that the premises work for the needs and to find financiers for an establishment.

Imagine if contemporary dance would finally establish a Dance Centre in the middle of the city, with need-adapted and accessible premises with long-term activities and funding!

Below are some facts and conditions about the project for those who are curious:

The purpose of Danskvarteret is to promote the field of independent dance and choreography in order to revitalise the creative growth and flow to the city and the country's stages. It needs to meet practitioners' needs for production spaces with subsidised premises, daily training, mediation of productions, exchange of skills and public meetings.

For many years, the independent field has been in great need of several central studios for rehearsal, artistic exploration and production of works for public meetings. Given the work situation of the practitioners, a need has also been identified for a "hub" where the independent field of contemporary dance can gather. The Danskvarteret project was created to meet the need for production spaces following a needs assessment conducted by Danscentrum Stockholm in 2017/2018 and funded by the city.

The possibility of establishing a Danskvarter in a central location in Stockholm has long been a need from the independent field and its representatives, as well as several of the actors in the art form. The establishment of a central and appropriate production site with studios and office space is one of the important efforts to strengthen the national infrastructure. In 2019, Danscentrum Stockholm was forced to leave its premises on Jungfrugatan, where two studios were available to its members. Dansens Hus is currently in a c/o period while the premises at Norra Bantorget are undergoing an extensive renovation.

The synergies between the two activities are numerous: expertise in areas such as technology and communication, an existing organisation, international exchange through guest appearances and networks, and the economic advantage of sharing premises.

The issues we are actively working to resolve are - whether the premises can be adapted to meet the needs of Danskvarteret - how Dansens Hus can enter as a formal tenant - how an establishment (with tenant adaptations) and operations (run by Danscentrum Stockholm) should be financed in a sustainable way.


Do you have questions or other input?

Contact project manager Andrea Redmer at Dansens Hus:


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