Multiple award-winning choreographer Virpi Pahkinen has toured her work to over 132 cities in 48 countries on six continents. In her dual role as choreographer and dancer, she has performed at the Library of Alexandria as well as the Nobel celebration at Stockholm City Hall.

Pahkinen has been commissioned by companies and institutions such as the Vietnam National Ballet, North 59°, Skånes Dansteater and Ballet Poznanski. Her latest work Deep Time was performed at Dansens Hus in autumn 2017.

Pahkinen's long career includes collaborations with choreographers and dancers all over the world, as well as transcendent collaborations with players in all fields of the arts, including Japanese koto player and composer Chieko Mori and director and playwright Ingmar Bergman.

Virpi Pahkinen has also created a number of dance films that have been broadcast on Swedish national television and shown at dance film festivals around the world. The film The seventh salt premiered on SVT1 in autumn 2016. In 2013, her debut novel The Snake Carrier published by MBM Publishing.

In 2011, Pahkinen received the Swedish Royal Medal Litteris et Artibus. She also received the City of Stockholm's Cullberg Prize in 2014.

Virpi Pahkinen at Dansens Hus

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Deep Time24-26 November 2017


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