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110 minutes (incl. 15 minutes break)

6 Nov


7 Nov


Age on stage workshop

7 Nov


8 Nov


Note! The performance is partly in English

After 30 years, we say Charlotta Öfverholm says goodbye to dance performances and "HNot!" to the best motivational seminar in the world.  
Do you want to earn more money? Have a better love life? Wake up tomorrow with a tjockey and shinier hair? DICK SO SO - that only female empowerment seminaryand led by by a man - is finally here! Come out of the lounge preborn into who you were always meant to be.  
"DICK SO SO" is en cocky and hilarious idea of alpha male and self-aggrandising male domination. Free of charge goody bags for everyone!  
On stage we see besides Charlotta Öfverholm also Lindy Larsson Forss, Magnus crepper, James Friedman, Lise Cherhal, Tobias Hallgren and Oscar Salomonsson. 

The production is part of Charlotta Öfverholm's project "Age on Stage" and the last production in the EU project "Dance On Pass On Dream On".

Charlotta Öfverholm [SWE] | DICK SO SO
Dsc 0017+

Lindy & Bon Bon Band

6 and 7 November 2024

High-voltage cabaret music without a safety net - intoxicating love, ecstatic joy and bloody pain! Disney, Piazzolla, flamenco hits, disco songs and original music.
Parts of the cult underground orchestra Chesty Morgan with 15 years of interaction and survival skills beyond the ordinary join forces with a singer, artist and actor who, according to the press, "sings directly from his soul. From a passionate lust for life that also includes death and grief, but above all a magnificent love of life and its many possibilities"

Lindy Larsson, vocals
Sara Edin, violin, vocals, saw
Mats Lekander, double bass
Pia Lundstedt, guitar
Miriam Oldenburg, accordion
Michael Vinsa, drums

Magnus Krepper

Magnus Krepper & Poetry Band

8 November 2024

Magnus Krepper has many strings to his bow and a background as a professional illusionist, dancer and not least actor. During the pandemic, he devoted himself to writing song lyrics and together with his son Leo Krepper as guitarist and producer, the result was a whole album. The album consists of a total of nine songs, including the already released "Flyg" and "Den lata revolutionären". Magnus Krepper wrote all the lyrics himself and invites the listener to share selected moments and fragments from his life. Since his start in 1994, Magnus Krepper has had numerous TV and film roles and has been engaged at several theatres, including Dramaten. In 2005, he received a Guldbagge for best male supporting role in "Mun mot mun" and has appeared in everything from "Bron" to "Innan vi dör" and "Milleniumserien" to "Gentlemen på SVT". Magnus is educated at both the Ballet Academy in Gothenburg and the Theatre Academy in Stockholm.

Band: Leo Krepper - Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar
Manne Skafvenstedt - Grand Piano, Keys, Organ
Axel Nilsson - Drums, Percussion
Malte Bergman Byström - Electric bass

Photo: Fabian Kriese

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Part two of the show, after the intermission, is a concert - short but oh so sweet. On 6-7 November, LINDY and the BON BON BAND will be on stage and on 8 November, Magnus Krepper Band.

Age on Stage workshop 7 Nov at 14

Charlotta Öfverholm offers Age on Stage workshops for those who are 65+. No prior knowledge of dance is required. Charlotta has created a unique method of working with movement and creativity, regardless of age and who you are. The method is alive and adapted to the group, while challenging the individual. The workshop is about exploring movement in your own body and how we can express ourselves through it. We work both physically, with warm-ups and exercises, but also creatively, with improvisations, text and music.

Tickets for 7 Nov at 14.00

Package price! Workshop and DICK SO SO
7 Nov at 14.00 and 19.00