When are we here? Where do we go? From a longing to let go and let presence go - to falling in love with not being able to distinguish what is real, simulated or imagined.


21 Nov


22 Nov


23 Nov


IThose Who Shimmer Nicole Neidert builds a stage work that takes its starting point in states of mind where presence is thrown off balance. Through sharp contrasts, between the pompous and the stripped-down, the audience is invited into an atmospheric stage space. Here Neidert approaches different types of pressures, collapses and densities - hollows - in the spatial, physical and sensual. 

With moods that relate to each other in opposition - the poetic and the clinical, the misty and the crisp, theThose Who Shimmerafter a human presence with staged fantasies and dances, oscillating in and out of consciousness like a hypnotic state. 

As a starting point for the work Those Who Shimmer Nicole Neidert has taken an interest in group hypnosis, watching video documentaries with both fascination and scepticism. She also studied the movements of the groups during the hypnotic states, and was interested in the choreographic aspect of hypnosis.  

Hypnosis (from the Greek ὕπνος (hýpnos), "sleep") is a state of transition between wakefulness and sleep, characterised by relaxation, imagination, openness to suggestion and a strong focus, and the method of achieving this state.

In co-production with Dansens Hus.

About Nicole Neidert

Nicole has been working as a choreographer and dancer since 2012, having graduated from the Ballet Academy. Her artistic interest focuses on artificial expressions, textures and materiality, our senses, alternative bodies, emotional storms and dance. By creating works that slip between illusions and realities, she wants to expose our innermost humanity.Nicole Neidert has presented her works at Dansens Hus Stockholm, Skånes Dansteater, SPIRA Kulturhus, Falkhallen Falkenberg, Hallands konstmuseum, Hjalmar Bergmanteatern Örebro and Malmö Konserthus.In 2021, Nicole was awarded the Birgit Cullberg Scholarship. 


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