Seven superb dancers and symphonic electro in a visually powerful performance about people's repeated efforts to feel alive, to be seen and to feel valuable.


21 March


22 March


Coveted choreographer Ina Christel Johannessen, seven superb dancers, music for symphony orchestra and a sound artist with a unique instrument. Together they create AGAIN - a grand evening where electro meets powerful dancers and an undulating stage.

As so often in Ina Christel Johannessens works, the questions revolve around life's contradictions. Closeness and distance. Strength and fragility. Together with the late composer Marcus Fjellström she has in AGAIN created a large symphonic dance work. Fjellström's sounds roar, sparkle and crackle, creating a soundscape of intense atmosphere.

The dancers are chosen with a wide range of age and experience. They balance Ina Christel's choreography in the complex interplay between orchestra, movement and visual stage image. Dresses and costumes in black and white bring the orchestra's aesthetic expression to the stage. In contrast - a flexible stage backdrop of undulating corrugated cardboard.

AGAIN, is structured in four movements:

come again
again and a gain
and might not happen...

Again premiered at NorrlandsOperan on 30 November 2012. It has since been presented on tour in Europe and now comes to Dansens Hus before travelling to Canada.


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