A unique performing arts meeting between one of Sweden's most exciting newcomers AMWIN and the creative dance collective L.A.C.. The dance company Less Aggressive Clappers with its raw and crisp expression shares the stage with artist AMWIN's "I dont care" attitude. It's set to be an evening to stand up in the rows of benches.


8 May


9 May



About the choreographers


AMWIN got his big break with his debut single. "Uber".
The single - and accompanying video - was picked up by major international media outlets such as Milk, The Line Of Best Fit and Highsnobiety, with the latter choosing to list her as one of ten artists to watch in 2018.
That the Swedish R&B talent is onto something big is evident in the new single. "DeLorean", where she continues to push the boundaries with her unapologetic lyrics and unique musical style.

L.A.C. (Less Aggressive Clappers)

The dance collective L.A.C. consists of Amanda Arin, Pauline Eddeborn, Jonna Hökengren, Maja Andersson and Malin Wikner..
L.A.C delivers creative, meaty choreography with dynamism, weight and an open mind. They place great emphasis on expression with clear aesthetics, and for them the art form of dance is as much for the eye as it is to make the spectator feel, think and react.

In addition to their own projects, they also work as versatile freelance dancers on everything from TV production to opera, and the members have performed at Melodifestivalen, Eurovision Song Contest and Idol with artists such as Loreen, Benjamin Ingrosso, Danny Saucedo and others.

L.A.C made its debut with its own performance IN STORE at Dansens Hus in 2017. Now in the spring of 2019 it goes on tour around the country to Gothenburg and Västerås via Dansnät Sweden.

The collaboration with artist AMWIN during Urban Connection 2019 is their second full-scale production on Dansens Hus' main stage.


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