The truth about us - the sad animal homo sapiens.


8 March


9 March


Humans like to put themselves at the centre of the universe. That we are invincible, immortal and number one. We realise that we are probably on our way to destruction but still believe in eternity. And deep down, man is perhaps just a small animal, of little importance, who just wants to do more and better.

Melanie Demers works have often explored the darker aspects of the human condition and her social commitment almost always shines through in her art.
I Animal Triste she has brought together four of Canada's most renowned dancers: Marc Boivin, Brianna Lombardo, Riley Sims and James Gnam. The result is an intense, feisty and angry evening that puts you on the spot: Aren't we better than this?

The show consists of four parts or chapters. The last part with lines from popular films and today's political situation where both Rambo and Trump are featured. A recognisable tragicomic world that leaves us with a laugh that sticks.

Interview with choreographer Mélanie Demers (English text)

About the choreographer

Melanie Demers

Mélanie Demers lives in Montréal where she runs her company MAYDAY. After graduating in 1996 with a degree in contemporary dance, she has created around 20 works for the company and toured the world with them. Mélanie Demers is a socially committed artist and has worked as a dance teacher in Kenya, Niger, Brazil and especially in her father's native Haiti, where she has also helped develop two cultural centres. Her involvement in Haiti has also strongly influenced her choreographic work and Demers has created a wide range of works with a strong political commitment, such as Blind Spots (2006), Junkyard/Paradise (2010), Goodbye (2012) and MAYDAY remix (2014)


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