Rethink the idea of a football match in this twerking, shaking, disco-freestyle battle. Two teams in gold shorts play a deadly serious match using a disco ball as a football - only one team can win.

Let the unexpected choreography of the ball take you on a ride of utterly spectacular possibilities. Get your freak on! This is a collaboration between Stockholms Kulturfestival and Dansens Hus and takes place at Sergels torg/Parkteatern.

The match/performance is played using the basic forms and rules of European football. But in order to move on the pitch, everything has to be done with dance steps. By never standing still, a continuous improvisation that follows the ball is developed. At the same time, the participants must pay great attention to the artistic aspect, which is also a factor in winning the game.

To determine the artistic level, a panel of three artistic judges presents scores twice during the match, first during half-time and then one second after the match. These two rounds of scores are added to any goals to determine the winner. For example, if a team has not scored a goal, but they have received higher scores from the judges who have deemed them superior dancers, they win.

Apart from the performative aspect, the game also differs from professional football in that it disregards positions on gender, cultural and aesthetic norms. This game has no time for the usual hyper-masculinity attributed to football - the participants are just busy dancing. When properly performed and received, Discofoot shakes, shimmies and spins us further away from our society's complicated classifications.

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