Society's almost neurotic preoccupation with defining and classifying language is highly topical today. Language fools is a play with vowel sounds, gestures, body language and birdsong - language in a broad sense. Which perspective on the world is considered foolish and which is normal? How is the world defined by language and how are individuals shaped by its definitions? Choreographer Björn Säfsten takes us on a journey into the world of language with the accomplished dancers. Anja Arnquist, Sanna Söderholm and Henrik Vikman.

- We have broken down the concept of communication to its most basic elements to get at the meaning. It is sometimes very humorous and childish, sometimes very serious. We play, we test," says Björn Säfsten.

Language fools is a flow of voices, gestures and communicating movements. Choreographer Björn Säfsten wants to question the simplicity of our ways of defining the world around us. At a time when language - physical, verbal and written - plays an increasingly important role, he looks at the rules and disciplines that govern our communication. Through choreographic explorations, he seeks to open our eyes to new perspectives on bodies, individuals and objects.

The show goes on tour with Dansnät Sweden.