Soft and controlled. Breakneck and high-flying. Challenging and impossible. All this is Borderline - Compagnie Sébastien Ramirez's new show.

 In a society of clear boundaries, some of us find ourselves inside them and some outside. But there are also those who walk in between, challenging the invisible bonds that make us strive in the same direction as everyone else. The five dancers climb, pole, run and play with and against ropes and fences. Soft flow and incredible precision characterise this performance inspired by marionette puppets.

I Borderline Sébastien Ramirez is again collaborating with his partner Honji Wang, but this time also with three other dancers and a dancer. line manager  which controls the wires on which the dancers are suspended.

Ramirez has a background in breaking, but now works with a mix of hip hop and contemporary dance. He describes his distinctive style as "smooth and controlled". Together with Honji Wang, he won a Bessie for "Outstanding Performance" for the performance AP15 created during a residency at Dansens Hus. Now he is back with another critically acclaimed performance!