The brilliance, strength, futility and ambivalence of the lonely person.



50 minutes

11 May


12 May


13 May


The performance is born out of the state of mind of a human being at the edge of a cliff. 

The expression -a call of the void -  reflects the feeling of the sudden urge to jump in front of a train or turn off the road. The related concept ofan urge to jump affirms the urge to live - affirms these moments as a reminder of our will to live. These existential phenomena contain both a darkness and a hopefulness that sets the tone for the work in dialogue with the infinite and the isolated.

The dancer, sound, light and materials dissolve each other's bodies and our senses. Inspired by anime sci-fi, "Call of the void" uses an artificial and elevated expression to approach our innermost humanity.

The show is created in close co-operation with the participating artists.

Nicole Neidert

Nicole has been working as a dance artist since 2012. Her work focuses on artificial expressions, textures/materiality, our senses, alternative bodies, emotional storms and dance. Through works that slide between illusions and realities, she wants to expose different sides of our humanity and expand our senses. Her work has been shown at Skånes Dansteater, SPIRA Kulturhus, Falkhallen Falkenberg, Hjalmar Bergman Theatre Örebro and Malmö Konserthus.

In 2021, she was awarded the Birgit Cullberg Scholarship.

More about Nicole Neidert can be found here:

Anton Borgström

Anton has been working as a dancer since 2011. With his base in street dance, he has over the years participated on a broad front in different types of contexts. From being an active battle dancer to later looking into the contemporary performing arts. He has previously worked with choreographers such as Zero Visibilty Corp- Ina Christel Johannesen, Örjan Andersson, Malin Elgan, Viktor Fröjd, Erik Linghede, Fredrik Benke Rydman, etc. Anton has previously collaborated with Nicole in the productions Cuttlefish and STM16:9FTT_VR.


Franz Edvard Cedrins & Oli Svenblad

As a duo, Franz Edvard Cedrins and Oli Svenblad have created electronic music in a variety of contexts. Their work often includes music and sound works in combination with performing arts, VR, interactive sculptures, installations and film and has been shown at places such as Bonniers Konsthall, Norrlands Operan, Intonal, SVT, Sveriges Radio, Dramaten.

Joakim Envik Karlsson

Joakim works in a wide range of artistic projects in a variety of roles. After his training as a dancer, his interest has gradually shifted from being on stage to working with visuals such as lighting design, visual design and filmmaking. Joakim has worked in close collaboration with Nicole in several projects ranging from performing arts, exhibitions, film productions and artistic research.


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Debriefing 12 May

Aftertalk with Nicole Neidert and Linda Adami