Interactive family show that experiments with sound, light, projections and movement.



40 minutes

15 Oct


16 Oct


The sound of colours is an interactive performing arts piece that invites you to an evocative experience. We travel in a universe where dance, sound, light and projections together create an evocative landscape. Together we wander around the space, entering and exiting different worlds - darkness and light, stillness and movement, equal parts grandiose and microscopic.
The performance is based on the themes presented in the book. The sound of colours, written and illustrated by Jimmy Liao where the reader follows a young girl who is losing her sight.

The show is performed during the day for audiences of all ages and as a school performance for middle school children. Bookings for schools can be made via Dansistan

Räserbyrån is a non-profit organisation that since 1997 works with different forms of dance and performance, in Sweden and internationally. The group consists of Katarina Eriksson, Per Sacklén and Håkan Mayer. Räserbyrån was founded in 1997 out of a need to seek new approaches to dance. In contrast to the structures and institutions the group's participants had previously worked within as dancers, the aim was to provide a platform for democratic creation with a flatter hierarchy. Initially, the group worked with Fylkingen in Stockholm as a base. Through collaborations with experimental musicians and artists, Räserbyrån was challenged to work in an exploratory way in their productions, and at Fylkingen they have, among other things, arranged a series of so-called Terrier evenings, which constituted a meeting place for improvised dance, music, film, installation and bar. This project was resumed in 2018 and continues today.
Since its inception, Räserbyrån has worked on productions for all ages and toured performances to Russia, Portugal, Croatia, Norway, England, Denmark and Finland. Since 2012, they have also collaborated with Moderna Museet in Stockholm.



Katarina Eriksson, Per Sacklén


Helene Berg


Johanna Eliasson


Ronald Salas


Lise-Lotte Norelius


Katarina Eriksson, Per Sacklén

On stage

Helene Berg, Ronald Salas, Lise-Lotte Norelius


Johanna Eliasson


Anna Grip/Hallen Farsta

With the support of

Dansens Hus, Konstnärsnämnden, Kulturrådet, Kulturförvaltningen Stockholm stad.


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