Welcome to an afternoon of dance practice! Choreographer Björn Säfsten and Dansens Hus open up for a conversation about how a dance practice comes about and we discuss how to best reach an audience with new, choreographic methods!


15 Jun


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The starting point is the process around Säfsten's work And so we're gone, which will be premiered at Dansens Hus Elverket this autumn.

LocationElverkets foyer
Date and time: 15 June 13.30-16.00 pm

13.30 - 14.15 Work-in-progress display
14.15 - 15.00 Coffee and bubbles
15.00 - 15.45 Panel discussion

In the work-in-progress viewTogether with Björn Säfsten and the dancers Pär Andersson, Philip Berlin, Anton Borgström, Madeleine Lindh and Jade Stenhuis, you will get to know choreographic sketches and samples of Säfsten's new practice, mixed with descriptions of the work in the studio and the different components of the practice.

After the break, Björn Säfsten talks with Katja Seitajoki, Dansens Hus, Ulf Thörn, Riksteatern Östergötland and Mariana Suikkanen Gomes, MDT Moderna Dansteatern, about the path from internship to finished work and to the audience via the organiser. How can we work together so that a performance reaches all the way to the audience? Are there new ways of working with audiences? What are the needs of the organiser and how can choreographers and producers meet them?

Carried out with special support from the Arts Council and in co-operation with Dansens Hus.

Register at this link: https://simplesignup.se/event/204637-fraan-praktik-till-publik


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