28 Feb


Do you like contemporary circus and twisted performing arts? Then you'll love this! In this dizzying performance by the Swiss duo Zimmermann & de Perrot, seven performers populate an upside-down world, where at any moment the ceiling can become a floor, a floor can become a wall and a door can become an abyss.

"You wobble out a little euphoric." Anna Ångström Svd

A gigantic rotating box with four rooms provides the dizzying venue for the actors, dancers and acrobats who, always with perfect timing, manage to tumble around and avoid falling furniture. Carefully conceived by its creators, Hans was Heiri offers a funny and touching portrait of human relationships conveyed through a witty and unique stage language.

The inventive duo visited Dansens Hus in spring 2011 with their original show. Optipsis, which took place on a tilted, constantly shifting floor. At Subtopia, they have also presented the impressive new circus performance of Chouf Ouchouf.

About Zimmermann & de Perrot

Movement artist Martin Zimmermann and Dimitri de Perrot, a DJ and composer, surround themselves with a team of around forty acrobats, dancers, actors, technicians and others involved in their various performances on tour around the world. They have received nearly thirty prestigious awards, including design awards for the sets they always create together. Read more at


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