Witches are among us and have been around for hundreds of years, but how do you recognise a witch?



40 minutes

14 Nov


15 Nov


Note! School performances on 14-16 November can be booked at [email protected]. Recommended from 7 years old.

How do you know that the witch sitting across from you on the bus is not your teacher or your married aunt?

Acclaimed choreographer Mari Carrasco, who has made productions for the Riksteatern and the Black Box Company in Denmark, draws inspiration from various stories about witches to try to get closer to its innermost essence. It is a witch who does what she wants, who has a beautiful exterior and a secret interior, who tries to be normal, but who honestly has no idea what is considered normal.

Welcome to the magical meeting of the witches and a ring of witches where things can go up in smoke and anything is possible.

Listen to Mikael Karlsson's music for the performance via Spotify.

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Trailer Witches | Regionteater Väst / Mari Carrasco

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Mari Carrasco and the dancers have created a choreography, albeit a rather complicated one, in which stillness abruptly contrasts with the fast-paced [...] Their dance is touching and varied; violent and dynamic sequences are combined with the restrained, the beautiful with the grotesque. Or the predominantly quiet is interrupted by hoarse whispers. We even hear the cry of witches" /... Witches have a content that appeals to the imagination and is given an expressive interpretation.

-Borås Tidning

A performance full of momentum [...] [Mikael] Karlsson's rhythmic music rumbles and drifts, pumping up the witch dance. Up on the round stage, but the movements tend to stay low to the floor. The dancers roll and crawl, their bodies shake in convulsions and the fabric-rich costumes swirl around them. With increasing ecstasy, all five get to their feet, without losing contact with the audience or losing the details of the movements.


Touching and shaking the audience [...] The dancers never lose contact with the audience. The theme is magic, power and self-esteem. A theme that the dancers clearly convey and that is reinforced in the meeting between the powerful, imaginative choreography and the expressive, highly pulsating music.