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Nederlands Dans Theater 2 has been called one of the world's most elegant and rigorous dance companies by the New York Times. With equal parts technical brilliance and curiosity, they constantly stay at the forefront of modern dance. Now they come to Stockholm with a triple bill of some of Europe's most exciting choreographers: Johan Inger, Alexander Ekman and the duo Paul Lightfoot and Sol León.

Postscript by Paul Lightfoot and Sol León features innovative and masterful partnering by a trio and two duos. Not a hair out of place in this dazzlingly beautiful dance accompanied by a violinist and a pianist interpreting music by Philip Glass.

I Johan Ingers I New Then the dancers explore their own artistic identities in a swirling and energetic cavalcade. The result is a colourful, optimistic and playful work set to music by Van Morrison.

Left right left right revolves around concentration, timing and rhythm where internationally recognised choreographer Alexander Ekman has studied the movements of people in motion. He does this in an unconventional way that characterises his work: humour, originality, rhythm and modern soundscapes.

About NDT2

Founded in 1978, NDT2 is Nederlands Dans Theatre's launch pad for young dancers. They stage choreographies by a new generation of dance makers. It gives young dancers room to grow and new choreographers room to develop. NDT2 performs all over the world and constantly strives for renewal and innovation.

About Lightfoot/León

The incredibly prolific choreographic duo Sol León and Paul Lightfoot have been working together since 1991. Since 2002 they have been house choreographers for NDT. Their hallmark is a musical and humorous dance language, often with a tragic undertone. They have won numerous prizes and awards, including the Benois de la Danse and the Herald Archangelsk.

About Johan Inger

Johan Inger made his breakthrough as a choreographer in 1995 after a successful dance career with NDT. Between 2003 and 2008 he was the artistic director of the Cullberg Ballet and since 2009 he has been one of NDT's permanent choreographers. Johan Inger was awarded the Carina Ari Medal for the promotion of Swedish dance in 2013.

About Alexander Ekman

Multiple award-winning dancer and choreographer Alexander Ekman is known for his distinctive sense of humour and his playful approach to ballet as an art form. Since 2011 he has been the permanent choreographer for NDT, but has also worked with Cedar Lake Contemporary Dance, Cullbergbaletten, Sydney Dance Company and Kungliga Baletten, among others.


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