The work takes place in a garden of life and art where five dancers and a voice artist, Nuria Divi, take centre stage.


10 Apr


11 Apr



The performance breathes the trembling mutability of nature. It brings forth sublime, aesthetic and absurd bodies, in a stage space that can be a garden, a forest, a stable or a compost.

IKI is lit by Svante W Monie, who has contributed to SU-EN Butoh Company's aesthetics for many years through his passion and sense of light for the stage.

The music was composed by Lise-Lotte Norelius. We hear sounds from nature, electroacoustic music and field recordings from different countries.

And to finish off - a juicy watermelon party.

The performance includes living plants in the form of maple, chrysanthemums, roses, as well as material from the forest such as ferns, lingonberries, etc.

About the choreographer


SU-EN is a multi-award winning choreographer and Butoh dance artist. After studying with the legendary butoh artist Yoko Ashikawa and apprenticeship with Tomoe Shizune & Hakutobo group, SU-EN has established butoh art in Sweden and further developed her own distinctive butoh method. SU-EN has also studied the Japanese traditional dance form Jiuta-mai for many years with Yoh Izumo in Tokyo. In 1995 she received her nattori licence from Izumo-sensei.

Between 2006 - 2014 SU-EN was curator of Friktioner - international performance art festival, co-organised with Uppsala Art Museum. Since 2013 SU-EN is curator of K.R.O.P.P, a platform for contemporary dance co-organised with Uppsala Konsert & Kongress. In 2011 SU-EN received the Uchimura Prize from Japan and the Cultural Prize from the feminist art magazine CORA. In 2012 she received the Uppsala Municipality's medal of honour. She has continuously received several grants and awards for her artistic work, currently the Swedish Arts Grants Committee's 10-year work grant.


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