The first part "Mountains" was a creation story on an evocative dystopian planet. In May, Jefta van Dinther presents part two: "Islands".



60 minutes

18 May


19 May


20 May


21 May


Since 2019, Jefta van Dinther has been Cullberg's resident choreographer. The archaic-futuristic diptych "On earth I´m done" is his first solo work for the company. Here we are transported to a place torn out of time and space. The first part, the solo Mountains, was performed at Dansens Hus in autumn 2021. In May 2022, the second part will be performed, Islands, featuring 13 of the company's dancers, premiered on Elverket.

- In many cultures, mountains symbolise permanence, stability and a path to spirituality. We pray to the mountains and from the mountains for guidance. Islands, on the other hand, are surrounded by water, isolated and contradictory; they can be both protected sanctuaries and subversive enclaves. Their seclusion holds both beauty and danger, says Jefta van Dinther.

I On Earth I'm Done: Islands the audience is transported to a place torn out of time and space. At the intersection of beauty and danger, existence must be rebuilt from scratch and understood anew. Basic logics and a flow of intelligences are reborn; life moving between mineral, plant, animal, human and machine forms. In Islands we imagine an alternative order, a quarantined state of exception, far from the world as we know it. Here, repetition becomes a survival strategy and dance a weapon.

- In Islands we go to a place where humanity can no longer be taken for granted. The creatures we meet here think, act and speak with something resembling human emotion, but their inner lives are synthetic. Their social interaction is hacked, their reproduction an interface, and the care they show the planet automated.says Jefta van Dinther.


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Debriefing 19 May

Aftertalk with Jefta van Dinther and Torill Kornfeldt


Jefta van Dinther_Unerarth_Photo: Jubal Battisti