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Be the first in the world to see legendary dance theatre company DV8 Physical Theatre's latest work!

Listen to the preview interview with Lloyd Newson from Kulturnytt on Tuesday 27 May by Cecilia Blomberg.

John is a personal story of crime, abuse and the search for love. Choreographer Lloyd Newson gives the audience a glimpse into a brutal world that is unknown to many and rarely portrayed on stage.

Let yourself be touched by a radical and poetic performance about the impact of a troubled past but also about the desire to break free from the past.

Australian-born Lloyd Newson is a world-renowned choreographer whose uncompromising work has had a major influence on the contemporary dance and theatre scene. His work is often characterised by a strong social and environmental agenda, often from an LGBTQ perspective, where his background in psychology and sociology studies has influenced his work.

"Searing testimony in dance documentary" /SvD on previous works

"Important and painfully beautiful" / on previous works

For almost 30 years, the company has toured the world with its performances and also produced a number of award-winning films, all of which challenge the notion of what dance can or should be as the group moves seamlessly between dance, text, theatre, movement and film. Lloyd Newson was recently named as one of the hundred most influential artists working in the UK in the last hundred years, alongside artists such as Benjamin Britten, David Hockney and Samuel Beckett.

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Can We Talk About This? was previewed at Dansens Hus in June 2011. The performance toured worldwide and won both the Helpmann Best Award for Best Dance 2012 in Australia and Production of the Year, Tanz Magazine 2012 in Germany.

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To be Straight With You visited Dansens Hus in autumn 2008. It won the Grand Prix de Danse in France in 2009.
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