Typecasting, personal experiences and body politics.


17 Oct


18 Oct


In "Last Dancer", choreographer Sebastian Lingserius fills our small stage to the brim with 12 dancers and a heartbreaking story about typecasting, personal experience and body politics.

Last Dancer is unison dance, singing, body practice, dialogue, dance theatre and the dream of a citizen's wage.

Last Dancer think about the role and characteristics of the dancer. What side of yourself do you show at a job interview or an audition? All those talented "multivids" that fell away or came into being. All those opportunities that never materialised. A speculation on a future where work is no longer measured in time.

Come and experience the physical impact of laughter!


Mingle in the small foyer (after the show) with Marlena Lampinen playing records.

Marlena Lampinen makes sound art by day and jams by night. She also runs the record label Moloton with Linus Hillborg, which releases experimental electronic music and sound art on phonograms.

About the choreographer

Sebastian Lingserius

Sebastian Lingserius is a freelance choreographer and dancer, based in Stockholm. In 2010, he completed his Master's degree in choreography at the Academy of Dance in Stockholm. Shortly thereafter he started his choreographic platform KASS production.

In recent years, Sebastian has been active and created a variety of performances and co-productions at Dansens Hus, MDT and WELD as well as in Norway and Hungary. He has also made installation works at libraries and art galleries and has taught and given workshops at the Swedish Academy of Dance and DC Stockholm.


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