An icy adrenaline rush for the whole family!



65 minutes

9 January


Canada's Le Patin Libre is the company that surprised the dance world with its ice-bound choreography. Inspired by the astonishing aerial ballet of bird flocks, 15 ice skaters take us on a unique dance experience. Flying high and with dramatic changes of direction, they explore the dynamic interaction of flock life, all in a powdery cloud of ice crystals.  

Le Patin Libre 

Le Patin Libre is a dance company from Montreal with skating as their artistic expression. Using ice, skates and gliding as their main tools, their work has often been described as contemporary dance on ice. The company was founded in 2005 by former professional "fantasty skaters" who wanted to find other, free ways to express themselves based on their athleticism. Far from stereotypes and glitter, Le Patin Libre offers works that utilise the incredible scenic and choreographic possibilities of sliding. 

Touring with Dansnät Sweden in 2024.

Image gallery Murmuration. Click on the images to enlarge.

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